Checklists and Checkmate

I don’t think you can fall in love with a checklist. I meet so many people who say they’ll stay with someone or date someone because they like the same things or because they’re a “good person” but I think that’s stupid. Or maybe I’m the one who’s naive. Maybe it requires compatibility for people to work out. But in the long run you’ll hit rough patches and  you’ll have to really like someone to want to work things out.

If they’re just a good person or someone who loves dogs as much as you do- what do you do with that when you want to scream your lungs out and tear your hair out? Pet dogs? I don’t know.

When I think about it, I really wanted to work things out with someone I loved but we didn’t really like each other that much and that made all the difference. How do you expect to stay respectful in a relationship when you don’t even have the same set of beliefs or core principles?

It might have to be a balance of both, I guess- not one or the other. There’s a checklist, there’s a type but when you meet someone who doesn’t match all your qualifications and yet actually enjoy their company then maybe it’s time to stop looking at your life’s script and risk it, right?




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