Time Capsule


I want to see the Aurora Borealis with you under blankets and see through tents, in the wilderness of Canadian forests. I want to witness the first snowfall as we wait at the bus stop and you hold me closer, brushing off the snowflakes from my lashes.

I want to walk along the streets of Howe and Dunsmuir at night, admiring the buildings as I tighten the scarf you wrapped around me in the morning.

I want to be outside waiting with a cup of tea and your coffee in hand as I watch the frenzy of shoppers coming in and out of your store.

I want to see the way your eyes light up when you see me,

the crinkles on the side of your eyes when you laugh at your own jokes,

the way you still smile with a sigh and a shake of your head when I clumsily drop things.

It becomes difficult to pinpoint a particular moment in time,

every moment i’ve had with you has always made me felt so loved.

And when I’m missing you, I look for the scent of vanilla and gingerbread.

As sweet and warm as you.

I close my eyes and I am home.



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