Vancouver Rain and all its Sad Souls


What’s it like living in Vancouver?

Well, it always rains, maybe 60% of the time.

During summers the days are painfully hot, the type where you go home and fall asleep as the heat flows through your body then dissipates.

But most days it is raining – fall, winter, spring.

When I’m not in the office shredding papers, emailing clients, or reading homestudies, I roam through the city with my friends.

A few drinks here and there – bellinis during happy hour, calamari, dried and salted spare ribs for appies.

We laugh and lament about our lack of career options, unemployment, underemployment. We stumble through paved roads at 12 midnight after getting kicked out of the club for falling over the DJ’s booth

“go home, he’s too drunk.”

We run out of the bus with our hands covering our heads – “umbrellas are for sissies!” Though we’ve learned our lesson as we eat ramen in drenched clothing.

Some days we stay home, play card games and drink wine as we look out into the cityscape. It’s a beautiful city with a hundred sad souls.

It’ even sadder driving through at ten past 1 am, after eating congee and deep fried intestines, running in seedy back alleys  – all that adrenaline rush… and then going home and saying goodbye.



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  1. Carolyn says:

    I look at this picture and I am transported to Cordova St. I have so many beautiful memories of Gastown. Kitschy tourist traps, the cool Ethiopian restaurant on Cambie that is no more, catching the Seabus “just because”. Sometimes alone, sometimes with family. Always just so “Vancouver”.


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