Myself, Elsewhere

Where am I? It sounds like such a simple question but the answer comes in layers. Physically, I am back in Manila but my mind and heart seems to have lingered in Vancouver. Which makes it all the more confusing, even to me. Who would have thought that the once 20-year old who so stubbornly and half-heartedly moved to the Canadian West Coast, would be here today pining for that place?

I have been to a few more places in between and have tried to answer where home is. I’ve stumbled on to a few nuggets of wisdom telling me not to make homes out of anyone or anywhere. “You are your own home”, But my self can feel alienating at times. They say home is where the heart is but my heart is all over the place. Half of it wanting to pursue film, the other half wanting to be with the people I love – two choices that are continents apart.

During the process of constant moving, I found myself sending postcards to friends and even to myself- a reminder of how it was and how it is. Most of the time I never get the postcards I send to myself but I still find the time to lick the stamps and drop them in the mailbox anyway.

This space is my virtual postcard. A place where I can write to you my thoughts, as I try to find the calm and center of life’s daily rythms, as I look for the beauty in the struggle, the magic in the mundane, and the richness of the journey I’m taking to my roots and to wherever else.


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